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2nd Nine Weeks Learning Option 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through the "new normal" as it relates to educating our students.  When we returned to school, you were given the option for your student to learn in either the traditional setting or the remote setting.  We know that most of you wish to continue learning in the manner that you currently are, but some may wish to change their original choice.  This choice can only be changed at the end of each nine week grading period, and the first nine week grading period ends on October 30, 2020.  If you wish for your child to continue with the delivery method that they are currently in, there is nothing for you to do; simply continue with what you have been doing during the first nine weeks.  However, if you wish to change from Traditional to Remote or from Remote to Traditional, please contact Mrs. Davis in the main office by phone 205-379-5150 or email by Wednesday, October 28, 2020. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our main office.


1st Nine Weeks Common Assessment Schedule 

October 20th

Common Assessment Study Guides to be distributed 

October 26th

PE/Career Tech/Fine Arts

October 27th

Social Studies/Math

October 28th


October 29th

Make-Up Assessments 


HMS Fall Picture Day

HMS Fall Picture Day for traditional learners will be October 28th. Fall Picture Day for remote learners will be November 2nd @ 1PM-3PM. Please contact Ms. Bellinger if you have any questions. 


COVID-19 Information/Reporting

Parents, if your child has either tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to COVID-19 in the home, please contact Nurse Morris. This information is critical to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our students.